Frequently Asked Questions

Auto insurance can be complicated so the articles below try to help answer some of the more frequent questions that may arise.

Non-owner Car Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Non-owner car insurance covers people who may occasionally drive a car, but do not own one. Normal car insurance covers drivers when they borrow someone else’s car, but if you do not own a car, you may not have enough liability insurance when driving.

Why Did My Car Insurance Rates Increase?

Car insurance prices are on the increase in the U.S. as most policyholders are being forced to pay higher rates due to a number of factors.

What Determines the Price of Car Insurance?

Have you ever wondered how car insurance companies decide how much to charge you for coverage? From one bill to the next, the price you pay for car insurance seems to randomly fluctuate with no real explanation or reason.

What is Collision Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Collision insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it rolls over or impacts another vehicle or object. When combined with liability insurance and comprehensive insurance, you have what is known as “full coverage”.

When Should I Drop Full Coverage on My Car Insurance?

Unless you’re one of the lucky drivers who buy or lease a new car every few years, chances are you have an older vehicle that may not need full coverage anymore.

What is Comprehensive Coverage on a Car Insurance Policy?

Comprehensive coverage, or also known as “other than collision”, is one of the physical damage coverages that you can optionally buy on your car insurance policy. It pays for damage to your vehicle for specific claims that are not covered by collision coverage.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability insurance covers many claims including physical injuries to other people, pain and suffering, lost wages, damage to other people’s property, and legal costs to defend yourself as the result of an automobile accident.

Should I Buy Full Coverage or Liability Only Car Insurance?

Most drivers come to a point where they begin to wonder if buying full coverage on their car insurance makes sense. At some point, the expense of paying for comprehensive and collision coverage starts to outweigh the benefit if you never have claims and have an older vehicle.

Ford F-150 Insurance – How Much Does it Cost?

The national average to insure a Ford F-150 is $112 per month, with Maine, Iowa, and Ohio being some of the cheapest states to insure in. States like Michigan, Louisiana, and New Jersey have some of the higher rates in the U.S.

Which Car Insurance Company is Cheapest?

Everyone wants to know which car insurance is cheapest, so we are going to break down a lot of information and help you find the cheapest coverage for you.

First, let’s talk a little bit about how car insurance companies set their prices.

Geico vs Progressive: Which Car Insurance is Better?

Everyone knows that Geico and Progressive are the two largest online insurance companies in the U.S. But what makes one better than the other? Let’s compare and contrast both companies and see if one floats to the top.

Is Flood Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

With all the flood damage this year around Houston and southern Florida, many people are wondering if their car insurance will cover the damage caused by the flood waters.

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