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Cheapest Rochester, NY Car Insurance Companies in 2024

Key Takeaways

Drivers in Rochester, NY have higher chances of becoming involved in a car collision in comparison to the average drivers in the country, and it is mandatory in New York for all motor vehicle operators to carry proof of insurance in their cars at all times
The average annual cost

Find Cheaper San Diego, CA Car Insurance Rates in 2024

San Diego drivers can expect average car insurance prices to be $1,614 a year, or about $134 a month for full coverage. Policy discounts could get the rate as low as $927, and liability-only rates are estimated at $503 a year.

Find Cheaper San Antonio, TX Car Insurance Rates in 2024

San Antonio drivers can expect an average car insurance cost of $1,536 a year, or $128 a month. Estimated comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance costs are $338, $617, and $408, respectively.

Find Cheaper Phoenix, AZ Car Insurance Rates in 2024

Phoenix Car Insurance rates average around $1,870 a year for full coverage, with comprehensive insurance costing $412, collision insurance costing $750, and liability insurance costing $496 for an average vehicle.

Find Cheaper Philadelphia, PA Car Insurance Rates in 2024

The average car insurance cost in Philadelphia is $2,100 per year. A liability-only policy costs about $55 a month, the cheapest discount rate is estimated at $1,206, and insuring a teenager could cost as much as $7,700.

Find Cheaper Houston, TX Car Insurance Rates in 2024

Car insurance rates in Houston range from an estimated low of $523 a year for a liability-only policy to well over $6,100 a year for a 16-year-old driver.

Find Cheaper Chicago, IL Car Insurance Rates in 2024

With over 2.7 million people in Chicago, and nearly 10 million in the metro area, residents of Chi-Town are accustomed to things costing a little more than the rest of the state.

Find Cheaper New York, NY Car Insurance Rates in 2024

Living in New York City has its advantages like access to world-class museums and art galleries, cultural experiences from all over the world, a plethora of career opportunities, and great public transportation.

Find Cheaper Los Angeles, CA Car Insurance Rates in 2024

Los Angeles is well known for it’s great weather and the glitz of Hollywood, but as most L.A. drivers find out, paying for car insurance can take a sizable chunk out of your monthly budget.

Find Cheaper Toyota RAV4 Insurance Rates in California

Buying cheaper auto insurance for a Toyota RAV4 in California hinges on factors such as whether you are married or single, whether or not you have prior claims, and your motor vehicle report.

Find Cheaper Honda Civic Insurance Rates in Minnesota

Whether or not you can find cheap insurance for a Honda Civic in Minnesota is dependent upon an enormous amount of rating factors such as your marital status, if you have a tendency to file claims, and citations or violations on your driving record.

Find Cheaper Toyota RAV4 Insurance Rates in Wisconsin

Whenever people write about car insurance, the words “affordable” or “cheap” really shouldn’t be used anywhere to describe car insurance rates. Be that as it may, cheap auto insurance for a Toyota RAV4 can be extremely hard to find.

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