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Consolidation of stock image companies has made it prohibitively expensive for small websites and bloggers to illustrate their articles with images.  This high cost, along with poor licensing terms and lack of the perfect concept images for our insurance articles, spurred us to create our own insurance and finance-related concept images.

The decision was also made to make our stock concept images free for anyone else to use as long as you provide an attribution link back to our site. We feel attribution is a pretty small payment considering the amount of time we have invested. All free concept images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please follow the license and don’t abuse it so we can continue to offer these free images as a resource to small online publishers. If you do not want to offer attribution, we recommend checking out Pixabay or Pexels for some great images that use CC0 licensing.

Additionally, if you see an image you like but it needs tweaked to fit your needs, just contact us and tell us what you’re looking for.

Free Car Insurance Images

Image concepts include teen drivers, car insurance policies, high cost of auto insurance, car accidents, insurance claims, collision damage, liabilty insurance, shopping for insurance online, comparing car insurance quotes and rates, saving money on auto insurance, finding cheaper insurance, insurance calculators, SR-22 filings, and more.

Auto insurance policy on wood plank background with small toy car
Car keys with insurance tag isolated on white free car insurance image
Vintage photo of small toy car climbing increasing stacks of coins
Red car with accident body damage behind Got Insurance text isolated on white background

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Free Money Stock Photos and Financial Concept Images

Image concepts include bills and coins, stacks of coins, bundles of cash, savings concepts, calculator concepts, retirement savings and nest eggs, time value of money, wasting money, saving money online, investment returns, gold coins, compound interest, and more.

Laptop keyboard with green key with dollar sign concept for online shopping, money, or finance
Vintage photo of leather wallet with dollar bills sticking out on wood background
Two slightly curved twenty dollar bills on wood plank background
Roll of twenty dollar bills on random stack of bills

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Free Investing, Stock Market, and Wealth Management Images

Image concepts include stock market tickers, buy/sell indicators, smart investing, investment risk, asset allocation, investment strategies and income, stock picks, investment advice, stock trades and day trading, risk tolerance, retirement and estate planning, speculation and forex, portfolio diversification, financial advisors, mutual funds and ETFs, and many more investment concepts.

Laptop on table in morning light with stock trading screen and coffee cup
Line and candlestick charts showing stock prices with lens flare and overlay
Stock ticker with two dice representing the risk involved with choosing investments
Paper with investment charts and words Investing vs Speculating written with ballpoint pen

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Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Images

Image concepts include individual Bitcoin photos, stacks of Bitcoins, buying cryptocurrency online, blockchain, Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin cash, value of cryptocurrency, buying and selling, Bitcoin crash and devaluation, Bitcoin prices, Bitcoin tax issues, and more.

Bitcoin exchange app on iPhone X screen showing trading volume and option to buy or sell cryptocurrency
Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum cryptocurrency logos printed on torn pieces of white scrap paper on woodgrain surface
Laptop keyboard with orange Bitcoin key
Table of cryptocurrency stocks including Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, and Cardano overlaid on market chart

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Free Tax Filing and Tax Preparation Images

Images include all kinds of tax form photos, tax category folders, April 15th tax deadline, tax calculators, tax simplification and reform concept photos, close-up photos of individual tax form fields, refunds, deductions, and much more.

Rainbow-colored tax folders at angle in filing cabinet with camera depth of field blur
Concept photo of torn piece of paper with 2018 taxes printed text and depth of field blur
Calendar showing April 15th circled in red marker with Taxes Due text concept for tax deadline
Old style alarm clock on table with sticky note reminder that says tax time

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Free Credit Card, Credit Score, and Credit Lock Images

Images include photos of credit cards, close up photos of credit card EMV chips, credit lock concepts, credit freeze concepts, credit scores, credit reports, and more.

Shiny chrome scissors cutting credit card
Credit lock concept of two credit cards wrapped in chain links locked to padlock
Credit freeze concept photo of computer keyboard with credit freeze key and padlock icon
Close up photo of credit card EMV chip with padlock

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Free Drunk Driving and DUI Accident Images

Drunk driving may seem like an odd topic to create images for, but it relates directly to auto insurance and the high cost of obtaining coverage after a DUI conviction. Image concepts include driving impaired, DUI, DWI, driving under the influence, drunk driving accidents, being over the limit, the cost of a DUI, alcohol-related accident and fatality statistics, car insurance SR-22 filings, DUI resources, DUI attorneys, and more.

Car crashed into side of whiskey glass concept for drinking and driving
Impared driving concept showing whiskey glass and car keys on bar top
Dark keyboard with large green DUI Attorney key concept for finding a DUI attorney online
Car accident next to glass of whiskey from drunk driving stylized with gold colored studio background

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Free Texting while Driving and Distracted Driving Images

Texting and driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. It's more dangerous than drunk driving, and over 64% of auto accidents involve cell phone use of some kind. It's time to take a stand against texting and driving, as you or someone you love has a significant chance of becoming a victim. Use our free texting while driving images to attract attention to your article, and get people to put down their phone when driving.

Car crashing into cell phone message app icon
No texting and driving road sign
Car on fire after crashing into cell phone when texting while driving
Car crashed into displaced letters reading DISTRACTED concept for disctracted driving

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Need a Custom Image for Your Site?

We try to make our images cover as many concepts and ideas as possible, but we often get tunnel vision and have difficulty "thinking outside the box". Fresh ideas for new images are always welcome, so feel free to contact us anytime and let us know what you would like to see on our site.

Most images in our collections are not actually photos at all, but rather are created in a 3D modeling program and rendered as a photo. This enables us to have fine control over the lighting, layout, colors, camera focal length, and depth of field. This also allows each image to be customized at any time in the future with different props, colors, positioning, or visual effects. It also gives us an excuse to have really fast computers in order to handle the processing required to create our images!

Our intent with our free stock images is to provide bloggers and writers for financial, investment, and insurance-related sites an online resource where they can grab an image and drop it into their article (with an attribution link, of course) without having to worry about licensing issues or the high cost of buying unique stock photos.

Very few online publishers have staff artists or photographers that can create custom article images on request, so if you have an article that's begging for that perfect illustration or photo, give us a shout.

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