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Average insurance prices in Massachusetts for 2024 are $1,124 annually including full coverage. Comprehensive, collision insurance, and liability cost around $250, $456, and $290, respectively. Revere, Brockton, and Lynn have more expensive auto insurance rates, and the two most popular companies in Massachusetts are MAPFRE Insurance and Liberty Mutual.

Average rate for full coverage: $1,124

Policy rates for type of coverage:

Comprehensive $250
Collision $456
Liability $290

40-year-old driver, full coverage with $500 deductibles, and good driving record

Average Price Range for Car Insurance in Massachusetts

For a middle-aged driver, Massachusetts insurance prices range from the cheapest price of $344 for only liability insurance to the much higher price of $2,426 for a high risk driver.

Liability Only $344
Full Coverage $1,124
High Risk $2,426

These price ranges highlight why everyone should get quotes for a specific zip code and their own driving history, instead of depending on average rates.

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Massachusetts car insurance rate comparison chart
Column chart showing Massachusetts car insurance prices range from $645 to $4,134 for full coverage

The chart above shows average Massachusetts auto insurance prices for various coverage choices and risks. The cheapest discount price is $645. Massachusetts drivers who use higher $1,000 deductibles will pay $964. The average price for a driver age 40 with no violations using $500 deductibles is $1,124. Selecting more expensive $100 deductibles for collision and other-than-collision coverage could cause an increase to $1,436. Drivers with multiple violations and accidents could be charged at least $2,426. The rate for full coverage insurance for a 16-year-old driver can get as high as $4,134.

Auto insurance rates in Massachusetts are also quite variable based on deductibles and policy limits, your driving characteristics, and the make and model of your vehicle.

A more mature driver with a good driving record and higher deductibles may pay as low as $1,100 annually on average for full coverage. Rates are much higher for teenage drivers, since even excellent drivers will have to pay as much as $4,100 a year. View Rates by Age

The area you live in plays a big part in determining prices for auto insurance prices. Areas with less traffic congestion could see prices as low as $800 a year, while Revere and Brockton may see rates upwards of $1,900. Geographically different areas close to each other in the same city can have a wide range of rates.

These wide price ranges illustrate the importance of getting rates for your specific Massachusetts zip code.

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Massachusetts insurance rates by city

The company you buy your policy from influences the cost of coverage. Each company has a slightly different rate calculation, and prices have large differences based on indivdual risk characteristics.

In Massachusetts, auto insurance prices range from $726 with State Farm to as much as $1,858 with Encompass. Other companies like National Grange Mutual, GEICO, and Commerce Group generally fall somewhere towards the middle. Those most likely are not the prices you would pay, as your location in Massachusetts, the type of vehicle you drive, and your motor vehicle report have to be factored in.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Companies by Market Share and Average Rate
Rank Company Market Share Average Rate
1 MAPFRE Insurance 24.24% $893
2 Liberty Mutual 13.23% $1,771
3 Safety Group 9.79% $1,339
4 Arbella Insurance 9.28% $1,020
5 Geico 8.04% $859
6 Plymouth Rock 6.92% $1,572
7 Metropolitan 4.54% $1,425
8 Progressive 3.37% $1,009
9 Amica Mutual 2.96% $1,120
10 The Hanover 2.90% $1,372
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Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) 2015 Market Share Report and The Zebra

Using high physical damage deductibles can save as much as $480 annually, whereas buying more liability protection will increase rates. Changing from a 50/100 liability limit to a 250/500 limit will increase rates by as much as $261 extra every year. View Rates by Deductible or Liability Limit

If you have some driving violations or you were responsible for an accident, you are likely paying at least $1,300 to $1,800 in extra premium each year, depending on your age. Insurance for high-risk drivers ranges from 44% to 129% more than a normal policy. View High Risk Driver Rates

The type of car, truck, or SUV you buy has a significant impact on the cost of car insurance in Massachusetts. Buying a more affordable and lower-performance model will have a lower insurance cost primarily due to cheaper repair costs and reduced frequency of accidents.

The following table shows car insurance premium estimates for the best selling vehicles insured in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Rates for Popular Vehicles
Make and Model Premium % to Avg
Chevrolet Silverado $1,186 5.2%
Dodge Ram $1,218 7.7%
Ford Escape $932 -20.6%
Ford Focus $1,090 -3.1%
Ford Fusion $1,194 5.9%
Ford F-150 $1,060 -6%
GMC Acadia $1,038 -8.3%
GMC Sierra $1,168 3.8%
Honda Accord $1,050 -7%
Honda Civic $1,226 8.3%
Honda CR-V $908 -23.8%
Honda Pilot $1,070 -5%
Hyundai Sonata $1,138 1.2%
Kia Optima $1,160 3.1%
Nissan Altima $1,158 2.9%
Nissan Rogue $1,126 0.2%
Toyota Camry $1,146 1.9%
Toyota Corolla $1,122 -0.2%
Toyota Prius $1,040 -8.1%
Toyota RAV4 $1,062 -5.8%
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Annual estimated premium for full coverage, $500 deductibles, driver age 40 with clean driving record.
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Since rates can be so different, the best way to figure out your exact price is to regularly compare rates from multiple companies. Each auto insurer uses a different method to calculate rates, and quoted rates may be quite different.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Articles

Rates by Driver Age

Massachusetts Insurance Rates by Driver Age
Driver Age Premium
16 $4,134
20 $2,592
30 $1,176
40 $1,124
50 $1,024
60 $1,008

Full coverage, $500 deductibles

Rates by Deductible

Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates with Different Deductibles
Deductible Premium
$100 $1,436
$250 $1,292
$500 $1,124
$1,000 $964

Full coverage, driver age 40

Rates by Liability Limit

Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates with Different Liability Limits
Liability Limit Premium
30/60 $1,124
50/100 $1,182
100/300 $1,255
250/500 $1,443
100 CSL $1,211
300 CSL $1,371
500 CSL $1,487

Full coverage, driver age 40

Rates for High Risk Drivers

Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates for High Risk Drivers
Age Premium
16 $5,906
20 $4,120
30 $2,484
40 $2,426
50 $2,316
60 $2,294

Full coverage, $500 deductibles, two speeding tickets, and one at-fault accident

If a financial responsibility filing is required, the additional charge below may also apply.

SR-22 Surcharge $155

Potential Rate Discounts

If you qualify for discounts, you may save the amounts shown below.

Discount Savings
Multi-policy $60
Multi-vehicle $58
Homeowner $16
5-yr Accident Free $84
5-yr Claim Free $72
Paid in Full/EFT $53
Advance Quote $56
Online Quote $80
Total Discounts $479
Rate after discounts $645

Discounts are estimated and may not be available from every company or in every state.

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