What is a named operator policy?

Key Takeaways

Two kinds of named operator car insurance policies are named driver and non-owner
Most auto insurance companies will not offer named operator policies
A named operator policy costs less than a standard car insurance policy, but unnamed drivers who use your vehicle assume a signifi

Will GEICO insure a car not in my name?

Key Takeaways

GEICO will insure a car not in your name in most states if you can prove insurable interest
You also must live in a state where the name on your vehicle registration and insurance do not legally need to match
GEICO also sells non-owner car insurance policies if you need auto insu

A Comprehensive Guide to Race Car Insurance

Key Takeaways

Standard automobile insurance policies usually do not cover racing and racing-related activities
Track policies may provide limited liability and medical coverage, but usually do not cover damage to your vehicle
Race car insurance provides financial protection for damage that occ

What is covered in a Jeep powertrain warranty?

Key Takeaways

Jeep powertrain warranties last for five years or 60,000 miles
Jeep offers clear parameters for what the powertrain warranty covers when it comes to engine repair, transmission repair, and wheel drive components
Jeep warranties do not cover most incidents that would be covered

Are Jeeps more expensive to insure?

Key Takeaways

Jeeps come with an average price tag for insurance, particularly the Wrangler
Insurance prices will increase if you have an unfavorable driving record, are a young driver, or for a variety of other reasons
You can save money on your insurance by driving safely, taking advantage o

Do trucks cost more to insure?

Key Takeaways

Most trucks have higher values and cost more to insure
RAM car insurance is more expensive than that of Ford F-Series trucks
Collision auto insurance is the most expensive coverage for most trucks
Trucks are safer than sedans and compact cars

Pickup trucks are popu

How long does a DUI stay on your record?

Key Takeaways

Depending on your state, a DUI charge can remain on your driving record for five years or much longer
A DUI will always stay on your insurance company’s record, but the company may lower your rates after a few years of accident and violation-free driving
There are a few thing

Does the Porsche Club of America offer car insurance?

Key Takeaways

If you are a full member of the Porsche Club of America, you have access to at least two specialized classic and collector car insurance policies
Your membership will also garner you at least one car insurance discount, plus access to valuation tools
Your Porsche Club of Americ

How to Cancel Progressive Car Insurance (2022)

Key Takeaways

Find another car insurance policy with the same or more coverage options before canceling insurance
The Progressive car insurance company doesn’t charge a cancellation fee
Ask Progressive if you have all possible insurance discounts before canceling car insurance

One-Day Car Insurance (Compare Quotes)

Key Takeaways

One-day car insurance and short term car insurance are often confused
A majority of insurance companies will not allow a contract for a vehicle for a single day
There are special short-term options for drivers for as little as $15 per day

Drivers looking for one-da

Metromile Review: How Much Can You Save (2021)

Key Takeaways

Metromile car insurance only charges you for the miles you drive on top of a monthly base rate
Drivers who don’t rack up many miles will save the most
Metromile car insurance company has more customer complaints than other companies of the same size

If you ar

Will a Speeding Ticket Raise My Car Insurance Rates?

Whether from a momentary lapse in attention or a total indifference to the speed limit, sometimes even the best drivers get speeding tickets. And now you are bracing for the sticker shock when you get your car insurance bill to see how much that ticket is going to cost you.

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