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Average insurance rates in Arkansas for 2024 are $1,406 every 12 months for full coverage. Comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage cost an estimated $312, $572, and $364, respectively. Little Rock and El Dorado have the most expensive car insurance rates, and the two companies who insure the most vehicles in Arkansas are State Farm and Southern Farm Bureau.

Average rate for full coverage: $1,406

Rate estimates broken down by type of insurance:

Comprehensive $312
Collision $572
Liability $364

40-year-old driver, full coverage with $500 deductibles, and good driving record

Average Price Range for Auto Insurance in Arkansas

For the average driver, Arkansas insurance prices go from as low as $430 for just liability insurance to a much higher rate of $3,036 for a driver that may need high-risk insurance.

Liability Only $430
Full Coverage $1,406
High Risk $3,036

These price ranges show why anyone shopping for car insurance should compare prices for a targeted area and risk profile, rather than using rates averaged for all U.S. states.

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Arkansas car insurance rate comparison chart
Column chart showing Arkansas car insurance prices range from $807 to $5,174 for full coverage

Chart shows Arkansas auto insurance rates for different risk profiles and scenarios. The cheapest rate with discounts is $807. Drivers choosing higher $1,000 deductibles will pay around $1,206. The average rate for a driver around age 40 using $500 deductibles is $1,406. Using more expensive $100 deductibles for comprehensive and collision insurance could cost up to $1,796. If you have multiple accidents and violations you could be charged at least $3,036. The price for full coverage insurance for a teenage driver can be as high as $5,174.

Insurance prices in Arkansas are also quite variable based on your driving record, the type of vehicle you drive, and liability limits and deductibles.

An older driver with no violations or accidents and high deductibles may only pay around $1,300 a year for full coverage. Rates are highest for teenage drivers, where even good drivers should be prepared to pay at least $5,100 a year. View Rates by Age

If you have some driving violations or tend to cause accidents, you could be paying $1,700 to $2,300 additional each year, depending on your age. High-risk driver insurance can be around 44% to 135% more than the average rate. View High Risk Driver Rates

The area you live in has a huge impact on auto insurance rates. Less congested rural areas could have rates as low as $1,100 a year, while some neighborhoods in Little Rock and El Dorado may have prices as high as $1,700. Even different neighborhoods within the same city can have large rate differences.

These price discrepancies highlight the significance of getting rates based on where you live in Arkansas.

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Arkansas insurance rates by city

The type of vehicle you drive is a primary factor in determining the price you pay for car insurance in Arkansas. Choosing to drive a cheaper and safer model will cost less to insure thanks to lower cost for replacement parts and lower severity of accident injuries.

The table below shows auto insurance estimates for the most popular vehicles that are insured in Arkansas.

Arkansas Auto Insurance Rates for Popular Vehicles
Make and Model Premium % to Avg
Chevrolet Silverado $1,484 5.3%
Dodge Ram $1,524 7.7%
Ford Escape $1,170 -20.2%
Ford Focus $1,358 -3.5%
Ford Fusion $1,492 5.8%
Ford F-150 $1,322 -6.4%
GMC Acadia $1,294 -8.7%
GMC Sierra $1,460 3.7%
Honda Accord $1,310 -7.3%
Honda Civic $1,536 8.5%
Honda CR-V $1,140 -23.3%
Honda Pilot $1,336 -5.2%
Hyundai Sonata $1,426 1.4%
Kia Optima $1,454 3.3%
Nissan Altima $1,446 2.8%
Nissan Rogue $1,412 0.4%
Toyota Camry $1,432 1.8%
Toyota Corolla $1,400 -0.4%
Toyota Prius $1,306 -7.7%
Toyota RAV4 $1,324 -6.2%
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Annual estimated premium for full coverage, $500 deductibles, driver age 40 with clean driving record.
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Opting for high physical damage deductibles could cut rates by as much as $590 a year, while increasing your policy's liability limits will increase premiums. Going from a 50/100 limit to a 250/500 limit will increase rates by as much as $327 more each year. View Rates by Deductible or Liability Limit

Your auto insurance company obviously has an impact on price. In each state, every insurer has a slightly different rate calculation, and prices can be substantially lower or higher depending on individual risk factors. In Arkansas, car insurance prices range from $1,001 with USAA to as much as $3,631 with United Automobile. Companies like Auto Club, Travelers, and Southern Farm Bureau fall somewhere in between.

These are probably not the rates you would pay, as your driving history, your vehicle make and model, and your location in Arkansas have to be factored in.

Arkansas Auto Insurance Companies by Market Share and Average Rate
Rank Company Market Share Average Rate
1 State Farm 25.18% $1,236
2 Southern Farm Bureau 12.54% $1,201
3 Shelter Insurance 8.36% $1,506
4 Allstate 8.19% $2,591
5 Progressive 6.30% $1,594
6 Geico 5.21% $1,852
7 Farmers Insurance 4.88% $1,316
8 USAA 4.60% $1,001
9 Liberty Mutual 4.05% $2,164
10 Nationwide 3.58% $2,113
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Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) 2015 Market Share Report and The Zebra

Since rates can be so different, the only way to know who has the cheapest car insurance rates is to compare rates and see how they stack up. Each insurance company utilizes a different rate formula, and rates may be quite different from one company to the next.

Rates by Driver Age

Arkansas Insurance Rates by Driver Age
Driver Age Premium
16 $5,174
20 $3,244
30 $1,472
40 $1,406
50 $1,282
60 $1,258

Full coverage, $500 deductibles

Rates by Deductible

Arkansas Car Insurance Rates with Different Deductibles
Deductible Premium
$100 $1,796
$250 $1,614
$500 $1,406
$1,000 $1,206

Full coverage, driver age 40

Rates by Liability Limit

Arkansas Car Insurance Rates with Different Liability Limits
Liability Limit Premium
30/60 $1,406
50/100 $1,479
100/300 $1,570
250/500 $1,806
100 CSL $1,515
300 CSL $1,715
500 CSL $1,861

Full coverage, driver age 40

Rates for High Risk Drivers

Arkansas Car Insurance Rates for High Risk Drivers
Age Premium
16 $7,388
20 $5,154
30 $3,108
40 $3,036
50 $2,898
60 $2,870

Full coverage, $500 deductibles, two speeding tickets, and one at-fault accident

If a financial responsibility filing is required, the additional charge below may also apply.

SR-22 Surcharge $195

Potential Rate Discounts

If you qualify for discounts, you may save the amounts shown below.

Discount Savings
Multi-policy $75
Multi-vehicle $72
Homeowner $20
5-yr Accident Free $106
5-yr Claim Free $90
Paid in Full/EFT $66
Advance Quote $70
Online Quote $100
Total Discounts $599
Rate after discounts $807

Discounts are estimated and may not be available from every company or in every state.

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