Forward Collision Warning Car Insurance Discount

The forward collision warning discount is a discount insurance companies offer for vehicle safety equipment. Other safety features with discounts include adaptive cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and daytime running lights.

Green Vehicle Car Insurance Discount

Green Vehicle Car Insurance Discounts are offered for customers who own a green vehicle. These customers are rewarded for doing their part to choose environmentally-friendly vehicles — electric or hybrid.

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Newer Vehicle Car Insurance Discount

Newer Vehicle Car Insurance Discount rewards customers for buying a new vehicle which typically has more safety features and fewer issues than a used car. Make sure if you purchase a new car you ask specifically for new car discounts.

Early Signing Car Insurance Discount

The Early Signing Car Insurance Discount rewards customer loyalty. Companies offer this discount when current customers renew their car insurance policy before the policy ends.

Driving Device/App Car Insurance Discount

Driving Device/App car insurance discounts are all the rage. Previously, you had to choose the telematics device which plugged into your car for pay-as-you-go driving discounts but with the rise of the uber smartphone came the capability of tracking your driving habits via an app on your phone.

Driver’s Ed Car Insurance Discount

Driver’s Ed class has been proven to lower the risk of accidents in new drivers, that’s why 20 of the top car insurance companies offer a Driver’s Ed car insurance discount. The lower their risk, the lower your rates.

Distant Student Car Insurance Discount

Finding car insurance for college students can be tricky. How much coverage do they need? Especially if they aren’t living at home. What student discounts are available? Distant Student car insurance discounts are available.

Continuous Coverage Car Insurance Discount

Continous coverage car insurance discounts are another signal that car insurance companies value drivers with perceived lower risk.

Anti-Theft Car Insurance Discount

Anti-Theft car insurance discounts are offered by all 22 of the major providers we researched. Having an anti-theft device installed on your vehicle is worthwhile.

Anti-lock Brakes Car Insurance Discount

You may have seen the term ABS, so what is ABS? It stands for Anti-lock brake systems. Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) car insurance discounts are offered by all major companies because ABS is a standard safety feature on most new vehicles.

Defensive Driver Car Insurance Discount

Defensive driving is the concept of preventing accidents before they happening. Outside of lowering your car insurance rates with a Defensive Driver car insurance discount, taking a defensive driver course may also help you drop points from your record.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Car Insurance Discount

Car insurance companies are always looking to reduce risk which is they offer a Daytime Running Lights (DRL) car insurance discount. The feature takes the human element out of using the headlights properly and has been proven to reduce claims.

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