15 States with the Worst Rural Roads [2021 Update]

Key Takeaways

In the top 15 states, the average percentage of rural roads in poor condition is 24 percent
70 percent of the United States’ roads are rural, meaning poor-quality roads make up a significant portion of roadways
Having a high percentage of rural roads in poor condition can

The 20 Deadliest U.S. Cities for Pedestrians [Ranked by Death Rate]

Key Takeaways:

Pedestrian fatalities increased by more than 27% during our study period
The rise in pedestrian fatalities coincides with the rise in smartphone usage
The vast majority of pedestrian fatalities occur between dusk and dawn

Pedestrian deaths have been climbing since 2009 and

San Diego Car Insurance Rates

San Diego drivers can expect average car insurance prices to be $1,614 a year, or about $134 a month for full coverage. Policy discounts could get the rate as low as $927, and liability-only rates are estimated at $503 a year.

San Antonio Car Insurance Rates

San Antonio drivers can expect an average car insurance cost of $1,536 a year, or $128 a month. Estimated comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance costs are $338, $617, and $408, respectively.

Phoenix Car Insurance Rates

Drivers in Phoenix can expect to pay an average of $1,870 a year for full coverage, with comprehensive insurance costing $412, collision insurance costing $750, and liability insurance costing $496 for an average vehicle.

Philadelphia Car Insurance Rates

The average cost of insuring a vehicle with full coverage in Philadelphia is $2,100 per year. A liability-only policy costs about $55 a month, the cheapest discount rate is estimated at $1,206, and insuring a teenager could cost as much as $7,700.

Houston Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates in Houston range from an estimated low of $523 a year for a liability-only policy to well over $6,100 a year for a 16-year-old driver.

Chicago Car Insurance Rates

With over 2.7 million people in Chicago, and nearly 10 million in the metro area, residents of Chi-Town are accustomed to things costing a little more than the rest of the state.

New York City Car Insurance Rates

Living in New York City has its advantages like access to world-class museums and art galleries, cultural experiences from all over the world, a plethora of career opportunities, and great public transportation.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates

Los Angeles is well known for it’s great weather and the glitz of Hollywood, but as most L.A. drivers find out, paying for car insurance can take a sizable chunk out of your monthly budget.

Best Cheap Auto Insurance After a Speeding Ticket in Wyoming

You have most likely watched the captivating commercials from insurers like Progressive and Liberty Mutual that guarantee dirt cheap rates, so drivers should just choose any one of them, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple as there are many unknown factors such as whether you

How Much are Insurance Quotes for a Honda CR-V in Arkansas?

Whenever people write about car insurance, the words “cheap” or “affordable” really should not be used anywhere in the article to describe car insurance prices. Sad but true, cheap auto insurance for a Honda CR-V is just plain contradictory.

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Rural Road Ratings Across America
Rural Road Ratings Across America
Total Road Miles & Rural Road % by State
Total Road Miles & Rural Road % by State