California Auto Insurance

San Diego Car Insurance Rates

San Diego drivers can expect average car insurance prices to be $1,614 a year, or about $134 a month for full coverage. Policy discounts could get the rate as low as $927, and liability-only rates are estimated at $503 a year.

Los Angeles Car Insurance Rates

Los Angeles is well known for it’s great weather and the glitz of Hollywood, but as most L.A. drivers find out, paying for car insurance can take a sizable chunk out of your monthly budget.

Who Has Cheap Insurance for a Toyota RAV4 in California?

Buying cheaper auto insurance for a Toyota RAV4 in California hinges on factors such as whether you are married or single, whether or not you have prior claims, and your motor vehicle report.

Who Has Cheap Insurance for a Ford Explorer in California?

Buying cheaper car insurance for a Ford Explorer in California hinges on a complicated equation that takes into consideration things like how many miles you drive each year, whether you have good credit, and your choice of deductibles.

Who Has Cheap Auto Insurance for Drivers Requiring a SR22 in California?

Our staff writers always rib each other than when writing about car insurance, the word “cheap” should never be used anywhere in the article to describe car insurance prices. It’s a simple fact that cheap auto insurance for drivers requiring a SR22 is not always easy to find.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Drivers Under 21 in California

Everyone has different tastes in autos, and the style of vehicle needing coverage is probably the biggest factor when comparing cheap car insurance for drivers under 21 in California.

Cheapest Auto Insurance for Teenagers in California

When buying auto insurance for teen drivers, one of the key criteria that help determine the amount you pay each year for auto insurance is where you keep your vehicle.

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