What state has the best roads?

Key Takeaways

A 2021 Consumer Affairs study reveals that Kansas and Alabama contain the best roads, whereas Rhode Island has the worst
North Dakota residents assessed their roads with the highest rating
Road conditions likely do not factor into your auto insurance rates

Which state in t

The Worst Roads in America in Each State

Key Takeaways

Rhode Island has the worst roads in America, and it received the lowest road condition ranking
Poorly maintained driving surfaces and accident frequency are a couple of indicators to predict how bad a route can be
The worse the roads are the more drivers can expect to pay for aut

Top 10 States Ranked by Infrastructure

Key Takeaways

The top 10 states with the best infrastructure include Illinois, Nevada, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Utah, Arizona, Delaware, and Maryland.
States are ranked on factors such as bridge and road condition, broadband access, power grid reliability, and more.

Top 10 States With the Best Roads

Key Takeaways

Kansas, Alabama, and North Dakota have the best roads in the United States
Oklahoma has the highest cost per motorist in the nation
North Dakota has the best overall ranking for highway performance

The best roads in the United States are measured using statistics p

15 States with the Worst Rural Roads [2021 Update]

Key Takeaways

In the top 15 states, the average percentage of rural roads in poor condition is 24 percent
70 percent of the United States’ roads are rural, meaning poor-quality roads make up a significant portion of roadways
Having a high percentage of rural roads in poor condition can

Taxi Cab Traffic NYC

10 U.S. Cities with the Worst Traffic [+Hours Lost]

Key Takeaways:

The city with the worst traffic in the U.S. is in the 10 worst cities for traffic worldwide
The 10 worst cities for traffic in the U.S. average 133 lost hours per driver
Drivers in the U.S. city with the best traffic average 19.

The 20 Deadliest U.S. Cities for Pedestrians [Ranked by Death Rate]

Key Takeaways:

Pedestrian fatalities increased by more than 27% during our study period
The rise in pedestrian fatalities coincides with the rise in smartphone usage
The vast majority of pedestrian fatalities occur between dusk and dawn

Pedestrian deaths have been climbing since 2009 and

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Rural Road Ratings Across America
Total Road Miles & Rural Road % by State