Frequently Asked Questions

Auto insurance can be complicated so the articles below try to help answer some of the more frequent questions that may arise.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

If you’re buying a new (or different) vehicle, or have never purchased a car before, one of the top questions you may have is how much is insurance going to cost?

There are a ton of factors that determine your insurance bottom line, and we will break down the top price factor

Cheap Car Insurance: Myth or Reality?

Cheap car insurance has to be the king of oxymorons. In the history of the modern world, I’d bet a small fortune that not one soul said “Boy, this sure is cheap!” while cutting the check for their auto insurance payment.

Will a Speeding Ticket Raise My Car Insurance Rates?

Whether from a momentary lapse in attention or a total indifference to the speed limit, sometimes even the best drivers get speeding tickets. And now you are bracing for the sticker shock when you get your car insurance bill to see how much that ticket is going to cost you.

Car Insurance Rates 2018: Why are Prices Increasing?

Drivers across the country should prepare for increases in car insurance rates in 2018 due to a “perfect storm” of events that are causing insurance companies to have significant losses.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost for a 16 Year Old?

There are three things guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and expensive car insurance for teenage drivers.

Adding a newly licensed 16-year-old (or even younger with a learner’s permit) to your car insurance policy comes with mixed emotions for most parents.

Which Cars are Cheapest to Insure?

When buying a new or used vehicle, smart shoppers take the cost of insurance into consideration when determining their monthly car payment.

Does a Teenager with a Learner’s Permit Need to be Listed on my Policy?

If you have a teenager who has recently received their learner’s permit to drive, then you may (or may not have) thought about adding them to your auto insurance policy.

Buying Car Insurance Online: Are Insurance Agents Obsolete?

With over $200 billion in policy premiums written in the personal lines auto insurance market in the United States, consumers are utilizing the internet more frequently to compare and buy policies.

Best and Worst Vehicles for Overall Collision Losses

Ever wonder why different vehicles get charged different rates for car insurance? Wouldn’t it be easier to just charge the same rate for every vehicle? From a consumer standpoint, that sounds like a great idea and would help eliminate some of the guesswork at how much car insurance

The Ins and Outs of High Risk Car Insurance

High risk car insurance is a classification that groups a lot of drivers into a slightly inaccurately-titled group.

Insuring a Teen Driver? Five Tips to Cheaper Insurance Rates

As parents, we all dread the day our teenager gets behind the wheel for the first time. We are not only worried for their safety, but also about when we get our first auto insurance bill after they are added as a rated driver.

What is Gap Insurance and Should You Buy It?

Gap insurance, otherwise known as Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance, is protection from major insurance companies for when the actual cash value of your car auto loan balance is less than what you owe.

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